Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Telling People about God and His word[The Bible] are habits some Christians find very difficult engaging in.

Reasons for this could be:

1.They don't have enough/any knowledge of His existence atol because,they have failed to study His words;the Bible,to show themselves approved unto Him.2Tim 2:15.

2.They are afraid of discussing His existence,creations and plan of salvation because,they too are still doubting them.Jn 1:1,Jen 1:1,Rom 10:9.

3.They are ashamed of telling Him and His words to other People because,their lifestyles[conducts] are not worthy and in harmony with His words.Phil 1:27.
And this makes it impossible for them to ever mention Him to those outside His Kingdom[Church] since,they must get to know Him better through our conducts in the Society where we live in because,we are the light and the epistle that they must certainly use to see and understand Him better.Matt 5:14,2Cor 3:2.

Unfortunately,telling People especially,those outside His Church[Acts 20:28] about Him and the account of His creations as well as His plan of salvation was and still is a command that EVERY Christian must undertake,should they desire to make Heaven.Matt 10:32-33,Mk 16:15-16.

Jesus taught that,those who love him must keep his commandments,Jn 14:21-24,and one of his commandments to we Christians is that,we should preach his word to every creature,Mk 16:15,failure to carry out this divine command is a sin and can disqualify one from entering into the Heavenly kingdom.Matt 10:33.

We live in a dispensation where People give flimsy excuses for not carrying out God's commandments such as,Evangelism.In the past dispensations,it was not so.In the first Century,some Christans had to abandon service to their land[State],their businesses and various works and preached Jesus Christ and him crucified to their fellow Country-men.Why can't we do same today?

should we continue to wait only for the Church's Saturday Evangelism before we preach? or,until the Preacher writes us a special letter to accompany him on a follow-up work,before we know that is our responsibility to follow-up our prospects?
Brethren,I think it's high-time we wake up from our slumber and do something.We are to rise and preach the WORD in season and out of season.2Tim 4:2,for without which no one will make Heaven.

Kingsley C.Odogwu
is a gospel Preacher and the Coordinator of
The Voice of Truth in Nigeria[V.T.N].