Friday, April 16, 2010


JOSH 24:15
A defining moment!!
An OMG moment!!
It was a defining moment when Joshua said to Israel '..choose ye this day, whom ye shall serve but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord!'

defining moments show us who we are, what we can achieve, our inner strength or cowrds, our principles and convictions are brought to fore..
These moments normally come as a surprise, and usually in times of crises.. a  death, making a difficult choice, personal failure, hardship, taking an unpopular stand, being asked to forgive etc

Sometimes we don't even know them for what they are but later, when we look back, we see the ir importance and then we begin to beat ourselves over for the steps we took or on the other hand, commend ourselves if we did the right thing..

Defining moments also show others what we are, it exposes our real selves, not the mask we mostly wear before the world each day but the inner personalities are brought out and everyone sees..  the moment we said those words we shouldn't have or took the step that encouraged others, the moment your decision made someone ' i never would've he/she would do something like that' or ' what great faith he/she has!!'.

Above all, defining moments determine where we will go and who will become and that is because they give us an opportunity to take a step, to take a turn, seek a  new dimension and destination..

May God Almighty give us the strength to make the right choices and shine as light to the world, and may whatever we do in that split moment that seeks to define us show the world that we stand on the side of Christ!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!

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