Friday, July 24, 2009

A day to be born!

The wise one did say, and very truly so, that there is a time for everything... including a time to be born. Eccl 3: 2
Food for thought: do you ever ruminate over the events that surrounded your birth?
The enigma of your formation and maturation in utero surely transcends human's understanding! More intriguingly, our variation in every ramification at birth is indeed of epic proportions.
Psalm 139: 14 says God is is to be praised because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Reading through to the 16th verse of that chapter further justifies why He must be exulted and celebrated.
In cognizance, therefore, of the fact that our life is only a special favor from the Great One, we should look inwards, making amends in our lives where necessary. Besides, there is also a time to die!
Are you prepared? Heb 9:27.
God Loves You.

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