Wednesday, August 12, 2009 does it work?

so we're here having our first interactive session..and the issue is an important one..
What should be a christian's approach to forgiveness?

Man-to-man...For instance, when someone has wronged you, do you have to wait until he/she comes to beg for forgiveness before you forgive?
or you should just forgive and move on?
Do you think being easily forgiving lets people take advantage?

God and man - for instance, when we continue in wrongdoing and keep going back to God, do you think there are times He gets fedup with our constant sins and refuses to forgive us, because, afterall, we will go straight back to do that same thing..

another thing: What is the place of retribution? Scenario;if someone stole, after he has repented, does he have to give back all he stole for his forgiveness to take effect?

What about consequences..when God forgives, does He always make us suffer the consequences of our previous sins?

And lastly, when the Bible says that God will remember our sins no more, Does it really mean that God absolutely obliterates sins and it is eternally forgotten? or do the labels of those sins stil apply.

please, we look forward to a beautiful interactive session with y'all. Let's know the philosophy that guides you on this matter. let others learn from what you have to say..yes, say ur mind even if anonymously.

God bless you!!

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