Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I recall a few years ago when my friends and I embarked on a relaxation tour of South-western Nigeria. We visited some notable tourist attractions. We were at some waterfall- a chilling and thrilling experience it was! We also had a swim in a pool from a warm spring. There we saw one of nature's numerous mysteries- a warm and a cold spring flowing down, meeting at some point but never mixing up! The whole trip was, to say the least, refreshing!
But this is by no means comparable to a refreshing experience that comes directly from God. Acts 3:19 talks about these "TIMES OF REFRESHING". The privilege, chance and ability to enjoy these times are however, hinged on REPENTANCE.
Yes, repentance.
This simply implies a change of heart that brings about a change of life. It entails a turn around from a old sinful life to a new one filled with the spirit of God.
Shunning sin gives us that great opportunity to enjoy the innumerable beautiful blessings from the throne of God. He cannot dwell in a sinful temple. We, therefore, need to cleanse ourselves, expunging all evil, and present ourselves as holy temples before Him.
Indeed, seasons of refreshing await all who choose to forsake evil and resist the devil. This spiritual refreshing cannot be matched by any fleshly or physical satisfaction derived from earthly pleasures.
Accept this offer and you'd be exceedingly glad you did!!!

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