Monday, November 16, 2009

What if it is true..........

First of all, i have to tender a well-deserved apology on behalf of the whole crew to y'all for the long hiatus.
there's been a lot going on, not the least being our poor internet connection which made blogging such a big deal and the need to sort out a few issues to enhance the experience..

But we r back..

To stay!!

Now to the issue of the day -

The world has always had its share of people who do not believe - in God,by whatever name called. Or are just averse to the Christian God, for various reasons.

Now with communication explosion, these views are in your face and you see and hear them whether you really waant to or not. With the internet and its teeming adherents,young and old alike, the ease with which these people can get their views out there for anybody to access,it is bot surprising that quite a number of people no longer know what to even believe.

Even the most basic issues like 'Does God exist?' can generate such intense intellectual debate
(read: discourse) that it is somehow startling that this was at one time was a given.

I will not be making a long post..

but i will just ask..

what would you do if it all turns out to be true?
that God demands from us morally uprightness, love and compassion to our fellow human is actually for our own good so we can stay in peace and enjoy our various forms of reltionships..

and that we flout His commands does not make Him any less the awesome God that He is..

so again i ask..

What if we die and realise that it is true -

that Heaven and conversely hell exists?
that there's a reward for uprightness
and diligence in the worship of the creator of all beings?
and that yes, we really have to answer for our deeds..
even up to every little word we utter..

will it not be too late then?

The Bible says it will be..

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